2mi3museum, is an e-museum of a Greek, Armenian and Italian family that still lives in Turkey from 1800s to date, with old photographs, collections of coins, toys, wares...   

   The idea of 2mi3museum has been inspired by  the old photographs, antique objects and collections of family members. Those items always reminded us that 'we have a story to tell '. 


   As we've started 2mi3museum project over Instagram, we saw that there are common moments in the past with other peoples ancestors. One of  the purposes of this project is to find those common moments with other people, collaborate and create an online ' Family Museum '. Also in this museum you will have the chance to see the lifestyle of Roum ( Ottoman Greek ), Armenian, Italian  people, the fashion that they followed and the old photographs of important places and cities. 

  On 2mi3museum, you will also find collections. Collecting objects was always a passion for Vafiadis Family. Hurmuzios was a collector of antique objects. Ashen kept some daily life objects which has an importance for her. Vincentzo collected  stamps, unfortunately they all have been harmed due to wrong conditions. The coin collection has been created from the collections of each family members. It's extending day by day, and gave us an idea to create 'Coin Chronology' which we use to define periods in history. 

   Time changes, hobbies and collections as well. People who was born in 1980s like me, grew up with television. Many cult movies, fantastic cartoons had an important effect on our lives. On 'Figures & Toys ' section you will see  the toys of 1980s and figures of famous movies. Also on section ' Family Relics ' you will see the objects that our ancestors used and collected.

   I am Dimitri Vafiadis ( Daravanoglu ). A Roum, Italian, Armenian man who lives in Istanbul, educated in Turkish schools and married with a Turkish lady. As they call Asia Minor , a cradle of civilizations, i've always felt myself a living example of this. Our family lived on this geography for over 200 years, as we know, and in Istanbul nearly for 150 years as you will see in the museum.

    We wish you to have a good time in 2mi3museum. 


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