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    2mi3museum, is an e-museum of a Greek, Armenian and Italian family that still lives in Turkey from 1800s to date, with old photographs, collections of coins, toys, wares...   

    The idea of 2mi3museum has been inspired by  the old photographs, antique objects and collections of family members. Those items always reminded us that 'we have a story to tell '. 

    As we've started to tell our story on Instagram, we've met with many different people such as historians, collectors, students, journalists...etc. that encouraged us for more. Then has been published on 2018 to serve its main purposes:

    - To explain the non-muslim culture in Istanbul through a family museum
    - To document the oral history told in the family with researches and to share with the society

    - To be a source for the projects of historians, collectors, students...etc.  by sharing the photos, documents and collections of our family members

    - To encourage people to search their own family histories, create online museums and connect the related families.

    - To create and support urban architectural memory with the help of old photographs and stories

    - To show how collections and interests of people change by time, with the help of old and new collections of family members.

    We wish you to have a good time in 2mi3museum.

                                                                                                                              Dimitri ( Vafiadis ) Daravanoğlu                                   

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