Sanzoni Family :  

      The story of Sanzoni family, starts with Marco Sanzoni in Italy,  as we've discovered until now. The son of Marco, Liborio Sanzoni, was born in 1870s, in Corleone ,Palermo - Sicily. He worked as  a train station officer in Corleone but after he has transfered to station in Edirne, Turkey. Here he married with Aspasia Stamatyadis, a Roum lady from a German mother. Aspasia was born in 1900 and she lived for 102 years. As we have  learned at the beginning of their marriage none of them could speak their languages. They had 5 children, the children could talk Italian, Greek, ,Turkish and a little bit German. One of those children is wife of Aleko Vafiadis, Cusepina Sanzoni, born in 1931 in Karaagac, Edirne.

      They've lived in Edirne in a small town full of Italians. Sounds strange but it was a fact that in Edirne - also known as Adrianopolis - there was a Italian town with churches and Catholic schools. 

      Liborio Sanzoni, owned  a grocery store in Edirne after he left his job in train station. They also produced their own wines. 

      Sanzoni family was a typical Italian family, even they lived in Turkey they always saved their culture and patriotism for Italy. The names of the five children are Vincentzo, Luisa, Marieta, Cusepina, Benito. Vincentzo Sanzoni was an interesting man, whose story will be told in 'People to Remember' . Also Benito Sanzoni has owned one of the famous delicatessen in Athens which has been mentioned in many magazines, books and tv shows.

     Cusepina Sanzoni married with Aleko Vafiadis in 1956 and they had three children as told in history of Vafiadis Family.

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