We get information about our family in different books, sometimes in our knowledge and sometimes by chance.

In this part, we would like to share with you the books and magazines which contains information about our family.

Nicolas Andriomenos Photographe - Adem Köslü

       'Nicolas Andriomeos Photographe' has been written by collector Adem Köslü, to explain the works of famous photographer Andriomenos. Vafiadis Family had many photographs which has been taken in the studio of  Andriomenos. Adem Köslü published in his book one of our important photographs in our family archive as an unique example of Andriomenos Photographe. Thanks to Mr.Köslü, he also shared an information about Vafiadis Family.

Bir Varmış Bir Yokmuş : Istanbul'um Tadım Tuzum - Meri Çevik Simyonidis

       'Bir varmış bir yokmuş : İstanbul'um tadım tuzum' has been written by Meri Çevik Simyonidis. In this magnificent book you can find the details of old  Greek cuisine of Istanbul and its providers. We are proud to see our Italian-Greek uncle Benito Sanzoni with an amazing interview in this precious book. 

Annuaire Oriental, Oriental Directory - 1922

     We can't say that it's a regular book, but it's a perfect feeling to see the name of our great granduncle in the Annuaire Oriental, Oriental Directory - 1922 in SALT RESEARCH Archives as  'Vafiadis ( Georges ), chaises, Kutchuk Yeni Han'.


  'Vafiadis (Georges)' is Yorgo Vafiadis  'chaises' means chairs, and 'Kutchuk Yeni Han' is 'Küçük Yeni Han'. Here we see that the oral history of our family once again proved by sources as we knew that our grand ancestors were chair manufacturers in Küçük Yeni Han.

"Annuaire Oriental, Oriental Directory. Commerce, industrie, administration, magisture. 1922", SALT Araştırma, Yıllıklar https://archives.saltresearch.org/handle/123456789/2894 

Family Tree Magazine, Issue June 2019

        We are happy to announce that 2mi3museum e-museum project has been published on Family Tree, issue June 2019. 


       Web guru Paul Carter checked our website and wrote down a three pages long article. It’s a great feeling to see 2mi3museum in such a good magazine.


Paros Magazine, Issue October 2019

        We are happy to announce that 2mi3museum e-museum project has been published with an interview on Paros Magazine October 2019 issue.


       We would like to thanks a lot to Paros team for this pleasant interview and sharing 2mi3museum with three precious pages on their magazine.


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