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            The history of the cities and different cultures can be learnt from many different documents such as books, maps, old drawings, old photos, miniatures, banknotes...etc. Although it's not so popular today but postcards are one of the important documents which show us the history of the cities. Here in this gallery we would like to share with you some old postcards about Istanbul and other cities from our archives. Also in this gallery you will see some ephemeras, maps and old labels which tell a lot about history . Like Fez Labels... From 1832 to 1925, fez was worn in Ottoman Empire and in Turkish Republic and the manufacturers of those, put their labels on them with special drawings. Honestly, all those postcards, labels and ephemeras are not a special collection of 2mi3museum. But they are items which have been found in our family archives and bought from antique stores for our researches. The gallery will be updated regularly.

* The maps we selected from the book '1934 Istanbul Sehri Rehberi', which is newly added to our library, have been uploaded to the gallery.

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