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                    Time changes and so hobbies,collections... Coin collection is one of the oldest collections that most people interested in. Then stamps, maps, books, bottles, caps, tins, marble balls...etc. Figure collection is one of the new collections if we compare with the others. Of course in the past people collected dolls or figures but we mean by 'figure collection' , models of the movie characters, cartoons and comics. By collecting figures, you also have the miniature of the artist who played the character. When you have a 'Hannibal Lecter' figure, you also have an 'Anthony Hopkins' figure. When we were children 'He-Man and Masters of the Universe' was an unique cartoon and also its figures. Also to have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Batman figures were every childrens dream...Then we have met with Star Wars.... In this part we would like to introduce you our figure, vintage toys, cards and others collections that some of them came from our family members and some of them found later. Also in Family Relics, you will have the chance to see the old objects that our family members had and used.

For the love of collecting : Figures
For the love of collecting : Coins
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TMNT Gallery
Batman Gallery
2mi3museum by Lego
Notgeld Gallery
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