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      We tell about many different places in the stories of 2mi3museum, that some of those places still exist but some of them only live in the memories. Here on this section, you will find the exact addreses of the places that we mention in our stories. 

       Before checking the map, we would like to give you a brief information about it. When you click the icon on top-left you will receive a menu with different layers. Here on this layers you will be able to see: 

  • 2mi3museum: The Origins (?-1880s) - The oldest homeland of each family.

  • 2mi3museum: The Places We Lived (1880s-1970s) - The places that we lived and have been in.

  • Vafiadis: The Roadtrip to Europe 1950s - The places that have been visited by Vafiadis Family during their roadtrip. 

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