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             World is changing, time is changing, music is changing... As a kind of tradition in the family, i -Dimitri Vafiadis (2mi3)- also had a deep interest on music, and it started when i was just a small child. But it was not like the music taste of my family. My first album was Michael Jackson - Bad, and this music taste evolved to the different genres of Rock and Metal by time. When i was 12, was able to reach to the albums of Metallica, Nirvana, Deep Purple, Motörhead, Pentagram, Iron Maiden and suddenly this type of music became my lifestyle and also made me to select my musical instrument. I feel lucky cause, i lived the days with vinyls and turntables, casettes and walkman, CDs and discman, MP3 players... Until 2001, i had to miss many concerts which i feel so sad when i think about them but it was all about the age limit. As a collector and ephemera addict, i tried to save all the tickets of the concerts that i went, brochures of events and  signed items in albums.

             Another aim of 2mi3museum is to take the present to the future while bringing the past to present. Here in this gallery we would like to share with you this entire music and concerts archive of 2mi3museum that collected in time. The gallery will be updated regularly. 

* You can also check 'The Concert Moments Spotify' for the setlists of the concerts below.

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